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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Delpit, "The Silence Dialogue" From "Other People's Children


1) "I try to give them my experiences, to explain. They just look and nod. The more I try to explain, they just look and nod, just keep looking and nodding. They don't really hear me." (Delpit 22)

Although this quote may not seem like one of the main points in the text I believe it is integral in the overall meaning behind the article. If students are not willing to learn about a sensitive subject, such as teaching people of a different race, or finding a way to make sure students do the work and come to school, then they will not listen, or care for the matter. It becomes the responsibility of the instructor to find a way to provide students with the knowledge and drive to make a difference in teaching students of any variety.

2) "My Kids know how to be black - you all teach them how to be successful in a white man's world" (Delpit 29)

First of all, wow, so much power in one sentence. This quote was so powerful upon reading it that it really brought on the need to understand how to teach every form of student and that white privilege, economic class, and geographical setting can really effect a child and how to teach them. Although it may not be a drastic as it seems a a student shouldn't be treated differently based on these factors.

3) "Those with power are frequently least aware of - or least willing to acknowledge - its existence. Those with less power are often most aware of its existence." (Delpit 24)

When the article started talking about power and the difference between races and classes it made me thing about how white privilege and socioeconomic benefits were talked about in the Johnson article. This is very important to this article because it forces the acknowledgement of power and some have it and some do not. It is the culture of power.

For my talking point I would like to visit the culture of power and the 5 aspects of power. I believe they are integral to the article and I believe can be interpreted in different ways.

Lisa Delpit on Power and Pedagogy

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  1. I like that you added her photograph at the end of your entry. I also liked that your interpretation of the quotes has your own opinions.