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Thursday, January 29, 2015

All About Me

Hello all!
My name is Noah Carsten and I am a second semester sophomore here at Rhode Island College. I am a secondary ed major with a content focus in biology. This is actually my third major here, (I don't feel bad though nobody graduates in four years) I came in as an intended nursing major with the intent of nurturing my love for science. I then realized after a year that nursing wasn't what I wanted to do and I started looking for something else. I moved on to business administration, I know i'm crazy. Needless to say I did not enjoy myself at all and realized I needed to get back to science. How I came upon education was how I realized I always said I would come back and be a college professor so I had an epiphany to just skip the middle ground and go straight to teaching. Anyway enough about my indecisiveness in majors. In my free time (If you can call it that) I sit on the finance commission for the Student Union. I am also a competitive and social ballroom dancer and serve as the treasurer for RICs ballroom dance organization. And just recently I became more apart of Student Community Government by running for a position on Student Parliament. Oh and I suppose its worth mentioning that I am a customer experience coordinator at T.J.Maxx. Now in my actual free time I go to fun social ballroom events and hang out with my other resident friends here on campus. I am taking this class as an intro to the program so I can experience what is to come in the future and get a better understanding of what it means to be an educator. I feel like I made this to long and am droning on so I guess i'll end it here. Talk to ya'll soon :)

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