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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Brown V Board Of Education

So obviously we all know how this was a pivotal turning point in American History. The Brown Vs. Board of Education was one of the most important cases involving education ever made. This is such an important topic that everyone having a job in the spectrum of education should be aware of it. From teachers to commissioner of education this case should always be known.

This case and the articles and videos we watched showed that it expressed the idea of Separate but not Equal. This was after the war so everyone thought that segregation would be over and all would be well in the world. Sadly this was not the case and it was still not possible for African Americans to truly live the American Dream. So this happened by Brown bringing his daughter to a all white school and being denied over and over again. Finally the Supreme Court decided to take the case, and the trial begun.

They way that the trail went was that they were originally losing in the beginning but one of the jurors died bringing in a new one. This one new how he was going to vote and convinced the others to vote along with him.

Coming from the 21st century and a very liberal member of society, I find it essentially repulsive that this ever happened. Learning about this history is so important because it shows us how far the nation has come, and still how far we need to go. They way that I, and i'm sure many of us, was raised was to be accepting of everyone and not judge based on skin color. Having to imagine that this ever happened was horrid. Thankfully the Brown family thought to fight this, which reminds me of the Johnson article and how you have to speak outright about what is wrong.

Talking point: Does anyone else think that history is repeating itself just in different ways? 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Unlearning The Myths That Bind Us

Don't we all dream that our life is like a Disney movie? Daring quests, endless romance, finding true love, and... stereotypes? Who would have thought there would be sexism and racism in our favorite childhood movies? I knew that some of the older movies could get rather politically incorrect but this article was a real eye opener.

As soon as I ready this article I immediately thought of this video I stumbled upon last year. This A capella youtube singer did a piece on how Disney tales all end in lies. It shows the reality of hat would have actually happens i these Disney Movies took place in real life. It was like how the Johnson piece says we need to talk about things straight forward and realistically. He brought this sense of realism to what we grew up loving. Just like what the article explained.

A big problem is that Disney movies set unrealistic standards for society. Both the princesses and princes. They are always skinny and very fit, nothing is ever wrong with them physically or mentally, maybe just some funny little quirks. Even the boys have unrealistic standards.

This video takes a twist. It starts with princesses talking about how they need a man and can't function without one. Then a girl dressed as Elsa from Frozen bring out the powerful we don't need a man mentality (totally true).

I am still in love with Disney Movies. I will belt the ENTIRE Frozen sound tract like its my job... But I may have a different view on them now.
 Talking Point: Can you make a relation to the article to your favorite Disney movie? Just looking back I thought about the song in Peter Pan "What Makes The Red Man Red" which is extremely racist towards native americans.