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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Citizenship In School

In this article "Citizenship in Schools; Reconceptualizing Down Syndrome" by Christopher Kliewer, it talks about the integration and acceptance of people with Down Syndrome in schools. While reading this article I felt many emotions that just made me want to change the world. The author talks about accepting all disabilities (hate that word) and that is exactly as it should be. From a personal standpoint, being gay was actually considered a mental disability and in the DSW manual.

This topic is so important and so prevalent in todays society, that it is a shame it is ignored. The author argues that children with Down Syndrome should be allowed to be a part of the same classroom as children without the disability (hate that word). Even though a child with this condition may learn differently from others it does not mean that they should be shoved in the basement of the school where they can't actually live their life. One thing that Kliewer said that I found to be very true is that we need to focus on shattering the stereotypes and negative connotations that are put onto this. Children are born unbiased, it is how they are raised and the environment that they grow up in that shapes who they become. If we can teach kids to accept full inclusion and understand the disability (still hate that word) then acceptance will show and a better learning environment for everyone will come from it. Having Down Syndrome or anything on the Autism Spectrum Disorder does not make you any less human than any other person, and this is what society needs to fix today.

Kliewers argument is one that needs to be heard around the world. We need to try and make an equal classroom citizenship for all students. If we can not break the stigma then we are not creating the best education for everyone. Lets make disabilities abilities.

Talking point: In your High School did you notice inclusion in the classrooms and equal learning opportunities and environments? Or was there a designated room that nobody really knew about?


  1. This is awesome Noah! I agree and especially with how important it is, it shouldn't be ignored. What was inspiring and great was when you said "Lets make disabilities abilities" its absolutely perfect!! =)

  2. Great blog! I also feel like changing the world after reading the article. My high school was very accepting towards students with special conditions. I had a few in my classes and I treated them like a normal person. I personally liked how you mentioned autism spectrum disorder. I was diagnosed with that at age three (the whole story is on my blog) I loved the video! Fantastic blog!

  3. I loved your blog post and I agree that this issue shouldn't be ignored anymore and these kids should not have to be shut off from the rest of the school and be in the basement